I will be presenting “Solr Flair: Search User Interfaces Powered by Apache Solr” at the upcoming EdUI 2009 Conference.  I’m honored to be finally speaking at the same conference as my great friend and UI mentor, Molly Holzschlag.  I’ve got my work cut out for me to come up with a presentation worthy for a “UI” conference with folks of this caliber headlining – I’m even looking forward to the goodies I’ll try pull out of my hat.  Here’s the abstract:

Solr powers library, government, and enterprise search systems in thousands of applications.  This talk will showcase the various technologies and techniques used to build effective user search, browse, and find interfaces on top of Solr.  Several of the full featured open-source library Solr front-ends will be shown, including Blacklight and VuFind.  We’ll also demonstrate several front-end frameworks including:

• SolrJS – a JavaScript widget library
• Solr Flare – a Ruby on Rails plugin featuring Simile Timeline integration, Ajax suggest, and more
• Solritas – a builtin lightweight UI templating framework