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Thursday, June 24, 2010
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As talent and workforces go global, expertise can be found anywhere in your organization. Critical knowledge and insights — written and spoken words — traverse the network at light speed. How can you find the right person for the problem you need to solve right away?

Cisco’s new PulseTM delivers a powerful platform that harvests expertise by unlocking the human capital hidden in your organization’s social network with embedded Lucene/Solr search technology. Leveraging cutting edge enterprise search techniques developed at Cisco with the help of Lucid Imagination, Pulse tracks tags and indexes key terms and topics from a broad range of media — from email to video — in real time, matching them to the people who know them best.

Join Sonali Sambhus, senior search architect at Cisco, Stephen Bochniski, Software Engineer at Cisco and Thangam Arumugam, Senior Search Architect at Cisco for an in-depth technical workshop. Learn how the Cisco team designed and optimized Pulse with Lucene and Solr, including:

  • Optimizing stored field retrieval performance for real time search
  • Operational optimization with full index hot backups
  • Performance efficient methods for highlighting text

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