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Before Google, before search, heck, even before SQL, search and retrieve meant one thing: the library. And you think you have a lot of noisy data in crusty formats to search? Even if you don’t have 100 million books in your catalog, Solr applications for library data offer practical, general purpose solutions to some of the knottiest search problems.

Forget the dust jackets and Aunt Shirley in ‘Reference’: libraries today are on the screaming edge of Lucene/Solr implementations, with daunting indexes, metadata whipped into shape, deep field faceting, data types a mile wide, phrase queries that will make your head spin, unforgiving relevancy for the masses, even OCR. Join Stanford’s Bess Sadler, and Naomi Dushay of Stanford Univesity Library and Tom Burton-West, of the Hathi Trust Project, for a walking tour of how Solr can tame the wildest of search challenges, including:

  • Strategies for dealing with non-normalized data
  • Leveraging field data and user experience for improved relevancy
  • Tackling big and unexpected phrase queries

Join us for a free webinar
Thursday, April 29, 2010
11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT
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