We are happy to announce the release of Lucidworks Fusion 4.1, our application development platform for creating powerful search and data applications. This release of Fusion is a significant milestone for our flagship product and further strengthens our focus on accelerated time-to-market solutions and developer productivity, along with significant stability improvements.

With Fusion 4.1, we’ve put a focus on analytics capabilities for our customers who are building data applications for finding insights and heuristics in massive volumes of data.

Fusion SQL Analytics

With many new search apps and platforms, users have to learn a whole new set of commands and operators to access and analyze their data. Continuing with the features launched with Fusion 3, we’ve upgraded Fusion’s SQL compatibility, so you can query your index with familiar SQL commands you already know with subsecond (~250ms) analytics queries that can join against as many as 8 collections containing as many as 2b documents. This includes endpoints that can be accessed with popular BI tools and clients like Tableau, Microsoft’s Power BI, and Apache Zeppelin. We’ve also added enterprise-grade security with support for Kerberos, support for streaming expressions, and improved caching strategies for faster performance and scalability.

App Studio Integration

Fusion App Studio, our UI toolkit, is now fully integrated with, and accessible from, the Fusion admin interface. This enables teams to have a full stack integration from data acquisition and indexing to a deployed end user application.

Fusion App Studio interface

Fusion App Studio interface integration

Expanded Data Acquisition Capabilities

Fusion 4.1 continues to broaden the collection of data sources that applications can index and analyze, including Microsoft’s popular OneDrive service so you can now include Office 365 resources in your search results. Data acquisition is also strengthened with our new bulk Apache Spark-SQL loader for querying and analyzing massive data stores such as Hive, Cassandra, and HBase.

Enhanced Admin UI

We’ve taken feedback from our hundreds of Fusion customers with production deployments and further simplified the back end interface for faster administration. This includes features like autocomplete in key fields, resizable panels across the platform, and expandable code editors for easier editing and configuration.

Fusion welcome screen

And Much More

Other additions include improvements to the Confluence, Web, and Slack connectors, UI advancements to the Object Explorer, and better import/export functionality with our Connectors SDK. Fusion 4.1 is built with Apache Solr 7.4.0 and Spark 2.3.1 in the core.

Webinar: What’s New in Fusion 4

Webinar: What’s New In Fusion 4.1
August, 15 2018 at 10am PDT

Join Lucidworks Senior Director of Product Avi Raju and Technical Engagement Manager Andy Oliver for a guided tour of what’s new and improved with our latest release of Fusion 4.1, including:

  • App Studio integration so you can go from data ingest to a working search application in minutes.
  • Fusion Apps, a grouping of objects that can be exported and shared amongst Fusion instances, reducing time to deployment for new applications.
  • New data acquisition capabilities to load and analyze massive amounts of data from data stores like Cassandra, Hive, and HBase.
  • An improved Connectors SDK that allows data to be ingested from any data source. Improved SQL capabilities to query your index with commands and tools you already know with subsecond (~250ms) response time across billions of documents including endpoints to connect with popular BI tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Apache Zeppelin.

Full details and registration.

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