We are extremely proud to share that, hot off the heels of our placement as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report, Lucidworks has ranked #1 in External (Website) Use Case as well as #2 in Digital Workplace in the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Insight Engines report.

What is the Gartner® Critical Capabilities report?

The Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Insight Engines is a companion report to the Gartner Magic Quadrant report, and provides deeper analysis into search and browse Insight Engine offerings based on how vendors’ key capabilities align with strategic business applications.

Particularly important was Lucidworks’ high position related to relevance. Lucidworks solutions are created to accelerate relevance for mid-to-large companies where search and browse requirements are complex and configuration and tuning agility are paramount. Gartner defines this important Critical Capability category as: “The relevance of results, assessment of relevancy, and control to tune and optimize relevancy. Insight engines use relevancy methods to match queries against an index and return relevant results”

In the report, Gartner analysts share:

  • The critical capabilities required for an effective search and browse insight engine
  • How organizations can deliver meaningful business impact with these capabilities
  • Criteria and use cases to consider when investing in an insight engine


Why Lucidworks’ ranking matters

For companies wanting accelerated relevance in enterprise (large business) applications, there are several key factors that must be part of a solution for it to be effective, lasting, and offer impactful ROI:

  1. Ultimate flexibility and power in a solution
  2. An open platform
  3. Entitlements/permissions at scale
  4. Expert partner for best practices
  5. Ability to leverage any ML model
  6. Forward-thinking vendor, willing to utilize AI
  7. Ability to deliver personalization in key areas
  8. KPI-centric solutions, ability to track against ROI goals
  9. Disdain for ‘null’ or zero results
  10. Ability to utilize signal-heavy data
  11. Willingness to advise/provide strong recommendations

Lucidworks led the scoring in key areas directly aligned with the typical use cases of large business solutions. In the recent past, Lucidworks has conducted extensive research to better understand the needs of companies trying to improve relevance for their customers in commerce, support, retail, and internal knowledge base use cases. As a result, the company has extensive experience, benchmarks, best practices, and specialized technology for programs that require agility and configuration. This flexibility—often called ‘composability’—is critical for the future that Gartner suggests, where, “By 2023, 60% of organizations will seek composability in new application investments.”


Considering how to transform your digital experience for customers and employees?

Lucidworks can help your business do the following:

  • Connect search, browse, and personalization, like how we’ve helped Crate & Barrel, Lenovo, Goop, and others
  • Enrich eCommerce experiences with add-on applications like Predictive Merchandiser which empowers merchandisers with a low-code, intuitive UI while Smart Answers brings a seamless customer service experience via intelligent chatbot augmentation
  • Integrate with web content management and digital experience platforms to deliver a seamless employee journey

Get the latest Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Insight Engines report to learn about the key capabilities brands need to deliver meaningful customer and employee experiences – and what makes Lucidworks stand out in the pack. If you’d like to learn more about what Lucidworks solutions can do for your business, get in touch with us today.

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