Search is such a central meme of information age (sorry for the buzzword overkill). Needles in haystacks are big on CNN, search turns up in the real world all the time. And the reality is that today, a lot of people are looking for jobs.

And looking for a job means search. Using LinkedIn? Lucene. Monster? Lucene. The Ladders? Solr/Lucene. CareerBuilder? Used to FAST, but now Lucene/Solr—with an interview of CareerBuilder’s Trey Grainger on DZone telling how they did it:

For CareerBuilder, a 1% deviance in search relevancy can mean millions of missed job opportunities for our users. When CareerBuilder moved to Solr from an expensive solution from Microsoft, the top priorities were maintaining the quality of their search results and drastically improving agility. Grainger will be discussing the conversion in his talk this month at Lucene Revolution.

You can read the full article here. Trey Grainger will tell the full story at Lucene Revolution

And if you can’t find the job you want at CareerBuilder, be sure to check out The Ladders; Laura Kang will be at Revolution, too, to deliver a talk on how they’ve used Solr.

Lucene/Solr: getting the jobs done.