Lucidworks Enterprise is the search solution development platform built on the power of Apache Solr/Lucene technology, developed by the enterprise search experts at Lucid Imagination. Lucidworks Enterprise leverages the disruptive innovation of the leading open source search technology to deliver unmatched scalability to billions of documents, with subsecond query and faceting response time. By building and expanding the scalable power of Solr open source technology with vital new features, the search experts at Lucid Imagination have created an integrated platform that simplifies and empowers predictable, reliable search application development.

This document is intended to provide you with a basic working knowledge of the Lucidworks Enterprise search development platform. It provides you with an overview of the software’s functions and an explanation of how to use them from the provided user interface, as opposed to from a programming perspective.

You will learn about installation, indexing content from local files, web sites, and databases, and searching, as well as improving the user experience using features such as user alerts, auto-complete and spell-check.

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