Back at Lucene/Solr Revolution, we announced the integration of Lucidworks Fusion and certain IBM Watson services, including Speech To Text, Natural Language Classifier, Relationship Extraction (which has since been replaced by the AlchemyLanguage APIs and Retrieve and Rank. Since that time, we have now updated our offering and I am happy to announce we have made the associated integrations available as open source on Github. Our initial offering consists of the two stages we most commonly use: Speech To Text and NL Query Classification. These are both Fusion Query Pipeline Stages and can easily be installed into any Fusion 3.0 instance. If you’re wondering where the AlchemyLanguage implementation is, that is still a work in progress and is available on a branch in the same Github repository. We plan on following with other stages in the coming months.

If you have any feedback on the code, please open an issue in Github.

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