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Nordjyske Medier is a Danish media company, publishing on web, radio, tv, and print media. For on-line search, Nordjyske Medier has a long history working with RDBMS systems, and a few years using the Google Search Appliance. They discovered Open Source Apache Solr when it was clear that these technologies couldn’t fulfill new business needs. Nordjyske Medier’s whole IT strategy rests on Microsoft technologies (and other traditional commercial solutions, like Citrix, VMware, etc). They successfully made the transition to open source Solr working with Lucid Imagination and Findwise to ensure support, high availability, etc.

The contrast between a traditional relational database background and the different development and implementation strategies needed a different outlook; the speaker will present discoveries, suprises, and lessons learned, which newcomers to Solr from commercial and DBMS backgrounds might benefit from.

Today Nordjyske Medier uses Solr for an editorial archive, and for an online yellow page directory, with new sites expected to benefit from Solr technologies in the near future, and incorporate advanced search features like geosearch and Solr integration with an ontology engine.

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Bo Raun
Search Architect, Nordjysker Medier
Bo Raun has worked for almost 20 years in the software industry, mainly as a developer of Windows applications, web solutions, and various integration software. He has been working with Solr implementing online search in news media editorial archives and yellow pages directories since 2008.