Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Time: 6:30 PMglobal_204945132
Address: Bronto Software, Inc. 324 Blackwell Street, Suite 410, Durham, NC (map)

Speaker: David Arthur, a Software Engineer at Lucidworks, a TriHUG regular, one of those “open source people.”
Apache Kafka is a new breed of messaging system built for the “big data” world. Coming out of LinkedIn (and donated to Apache), it is a distributed pub/sub system built in Scala. It has been an Apache TLP now for several months with the first Apache release imminent. Built for speed, scalability, and robustness, Kafka should definitely be one of the data tools you consider when designing distributed data-oriented applications.

The talk will cover a general overview of the project and technology, with some use cases, and a demo.

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