We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with Dzone Network, publishers of dzone.com, Javalobby, EclipseZone, the JRoller java blog,and other leading online developer-oriented destinations: The New Solr Lucene Zone, now at http://dzone.com/mz/solr-lucene.

One of the world’s leading developer-oriented websites, with a breadth of original and aggregated content from around the web, DZone’s sites combine forward-thinking original and curated articles from thought leaders across a broad range of developer interests with contributed links and shout-outs from the over 400,000 regular monthly unique visitors who traffic their site from around the world. They also publish a great selection of Refcards, great 6-page cheatsheets on more development technologies than you can shake a stick at, good for a quick start or a quick refresh on anything from Hadoop to Scala to Adobe Air. (If you haven’t already grabbed Chris Hostetter’s excellent Solr Essentials Refcard, get it here; over 11,000 developers already have.)

The new Solr Lucene Zone features that same calibre of content focused directly on Apache Solr and Apache Lucene open source search technologies, along with the critical complements from around the ecosystem. Given its reach into a broad range of developer communities not yet directly involved in  open source search, it represents a great opportunity for developers from all walks of technology to get their heads into the Lucene/Solr world. Its fresh, up-to-date format provides continuous visibility into new developments in the space, whether you’re new to Solr and Lucene or a well-traveled veteran.