We are pleased to welcome Jake Mannix to the Lucidworks team as our new Principal Data Engineer.

Jake’s past work includes:

  • Working on data pipelining with Apache Spark to scale a semantic search engine at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Jake was tech lead for Twitter’s Data Science / Data Engineering team, building both the products and teams responsible for profile/account search, and text classification and interest modeling for personalized content recommendations.
  • At LinkedIn (before the days of SolrCloud), Jake worked on Apache Lucene-backed search engine development, then a generic entity-to-entity recommender system framework which ran ads, job recommendations, and profile recommendations.
  • Jake’s also been an Apache Mahout committer since the early days, focused originally on dimensionality reduction and linear algebra primitives as well as latent dirichlet allocation for topic modeling.
  • His original graduate work at Stanford and University of Washington was in theoretical physics (particle cosmology and strongly coupled field theories) and math (algebraic topology and differential geometry).

What will you be working on at Lucidworks?

“I’m getting back to my open source roots, and helping Lucidworks find the most appropriate places to apply natural language processing and machine learning to search, discovery, and recommender systems for the widest possible audience of users.”

What attracted you to Lucidworks?

“See above point on what I’ll be working on. Who ​wouldn’t want to do that?!?”

Welcome to the team, Jake!