Anyone who’s done research knows the value of bibliography — the list of resources you need to know about as you build out your own development agenda. Solid prose that wraps all those resources in a coherent explanation? Even better.

A new article published on Java Lobby by Peter Karich does a fine job of aligning key resources in and around the community in a well-organized article that both introduces Solr and provides a great tour of online resources out there to help you learn the what and how. And why should you?

We’ve all seen them on various websites.  Crappy search utilities.  They are a constant reminder that search is not something you should take lightly when building a website or application.  Search is not just Google’s game anymore.  When a Java library called Lucene was introduced into the Apache ecosystem, and then Solr was built on top of that, open source developers began to wield some serious power when it came to customizing search features.

So there’s another good reason: you, too, can help put a stop to crappy search.

You can read the full article, “Apache Solr: Get Started, Get Excited!” here.