First, major kudos to the JavaZone team for putting on one of the most impressive conferences I’ve attended and had the honor at which to speak.  From the tasty and hearty speakers dinner to Carl delivering my post-talk absent mindedly forgotten power cable to my hotel, the organizers put on a very well organized and classy event.  The conference not only sported top notch technical content from the best of the best speakers (some of my long time pals from the No Fluff circuit speaking there included Neal Ford, Scott Davis, and Ken Sipe, along with some new NFJS speakers I befriended, Chris Richardson and Matthew McCullough), but also included healthy lunches and dinners to all conference goers.  I’ve never seen this at other conferences, but every vendor booth supplied fresh high tech dispensed coffee and other food.  One vendor was even serving freshly sliced meat! The javaBin booth dished out ice cream and included a Duke beer vending machine magically dispensing cans of brew with the wave of a conference badge.

I presented “Solr: Search at the Speed of Light” on Wednesday afternoon to a packed (estimated 200+ seats in that salon) crowd.  I felt the presentation went well, and ending with the infamous Tang Dynasty Solr Flare prototype demo searching and faceting in both English and Chinese seemed to be a hit, getting a nice round of applause at the end.

This was my first, and certainly not last, visit to Oslo.  A beautiful city, fantastic weather.  I worked hard all week through my presentation, then got a day off before traveling home.  I was able to fit in a visit to the Viking Ship Museum and Vigeland Sculpture Park, two of Oslo’s must-see sights.

And finally, here are the slides from the Solr JavaZone presentation: