We’re happy to announce another new addition to the Lucidworks team! Please welcome Jeff Depa, our new Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations in May 2016 (full press release: Lucidworks Appoints Search Veterans to Senior Team).


Jeff will lead the company’s day-to-day field operations, including its rapidly growing sales, alliances and channels, systems engineering and professional services business. Prior to Lucidworks, Jeff has over 17 years in leadership positions across sales, consulting, and systems engineering with companies such as Oracle, Sun, and most recently at DataStax.

Jeff earned a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and also holds a Masters in Management. Aside for a passion to enable clients to unleash the power of their data, Jeff is an avid pilot and enjoys spending time with his family in Austin, TX.

We sat down with Jeff to learn more about his passion for search:

What attracted you to Lucidworks?

Lucidworks is at the forefront of unleashing the value hidden in the massive amount of data companies have collected across disparate systems. They have done a phenomenal job in driving the adoption of Apache Solr, but more importantly, building a platform in Fusion that allows enterprises from high volume ecommerce shops to healthcare to easily adopt and deploy a search solution that goes beyond the industry standard, and really focuses on providing the right information at the right time with unique relevancy and machine learning technologies.

What will you be working on at Lucidworks?

I’ll be focused on building on top of a solid foundation as we continue to drive the adoption of Fusion in the market and expand our team to capture the market opportunity with our customers and partners. I’m excited to be part of this journey.

Where do you think the greatest opportunities lie for companies like Lucidworks?

In today’s economy, value is driven from creating a unique, personalized and real time experience for customers and employees. Lucidworks sits squarely in the middle of an enterprise’s disparate and rapidly evolving data sources and enables the transformation of data to information that can be used to improve the user experience. The ability to to tie that information to a high impact customer result is a huge opportunity for Lucidworks.

Welcome to the team Jeff!

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