I’m not sure this is the right analogy so forgive me if I over reach, but Lucidworks being invited to play a role on the Windows Azure BIG stage feels a little like the shy high school mathlete being invited to the senior ball by the star quarterback!!  Very cool.

Today Lucidworks is announcing that our Lucidworks Search product is available in the Windows Azure Marketplace. We are seeing a tremendous up-tick in Search-as-a-Service market demand as more enterprises move to the cloud.  The applications they are building demand search as a fundamental technology to address the information needs of customers and decision makers within their ecosystem. Windows Azure, a premier global cloud provider with huge market reach, is expanding their marketplace portfolio of leading edge technologies to include Lucidworks Search, which is based on the world’s most popular open source enterprise search technology, Apache Lucene/Solr.

Three major use cases are obvious targets for the highest value with Lucidworks Search:

  1. Embedded website search for greater viewer satisfaction and information access to over 200 million websites on the global internet.
  2. Staging and prototype development for enterprises on their private clouds to develop search enabled applications that deliver more robust decision support to business decision makers.
  3. SAAS applications suffering from limited information visibility benefit by adding the capacity to expand viewing across a broader set of information – and offering this capability to an increased audience within the enterprise.


I’m sure you can think of many other opportunities that could take advantage of the powerful combination of Windows Azure and Lucidworks Search, but for now I can only suggest that you take a serious look and give us a shot to address your information needs.

In the meantime, we’re going to be smiling all the way to the dance!!!