Lucene Revolution may very well be the birthplace of the next generation of open source enterprise search. Don’t get left out of this historic gathering! Early bird pricing has been extended to September 17, so register today to join the Lucene Revolution, and meet attendees and speakers from all walks of life – developer and strategist, visionary and pragmatist, grizzled Apache Lucene/Solr veteran and newcomer alike.

 More than just theory and academic hypothesis, Lucene Revolution will leave you with actionable information that you can take back to your organization to immediately hone competitive advantage and reap the cost and crowd-sourced innovation benefits of open source enterprise search. Expand your network, your knowledge, and your horizons all at one event.

Here’s  what attendees of Apache Lucene Eurocon, Lucene Revolution’s European predecessor, had to say about that groundbreaking event.

“My favorite part was hearing from the great range of use cases and learning from them”

“For me it was very helpful and valuable because I got a lot of inputs which was useful as we want to change from FAST ESP to Solr”

“Great speakers, excellent topics and talks”

“Very well planned and packed with many interesting talks and topics”

“ …Got a deeper view of Solr”

“I enjoyed learning new information about Solr – and seeing how other people are using it”

“Excellent conference”

“Meeting people struggling with the same issues was very valuable”

“Very interesting and focused talks”

“Well-organized conference”

“I liked putting a face to a name (from people in the Lucene/Solr community) – and the hallway chats”

“I’m looking forward to the next one!”

We’ve planned Lucene Revolution to offer these same benefits – and more.

 Join speakers from organizations like Twitter, LinkedIn, IBM, Cisco,, eHarmony, Yale University, and Sears – and attendees from companies like Nokia,, Verizon, Novell, SAIC, GE, Lockheed Martin, Comcast, Qualcomm, The Ladders, MTV, and MIT.

We hope to see you in Boston!