Earlier on this blog, we zoomed in to focus on some of the accomplished individuals speaking at the upcoming Lucene/Solr Revolution. More recently we zoomed out to look at the qualities of the impressive and growing Lucene/Solr community at large that makes Revolution so special. Today we share a panoramic view of the event’s community by looking at some of the demographics of attendees for this year’s event. A quick glance at a breakdown of registrants to date shows that all of you walking the floor “know a thing or two” about this amazing open source technology.

  • 36% of attendees have one to three years of experience with Lucene/Solr
  • 29% have more than three years of experience with Lucene/Solr
  • 22% have up to a year of experience with Lucene/Solr
  • 49%  listed job functions as Web, Lucene and/or Solr developers
  • And you provide a global perspective, coming from 19 countries so far

While we have some of the brightest minds in search presenting throughout the event, the attendee information above puts a spotlight on one of the most impressive knowledge resources at the event: you.

So let the knowledge sharing begin: kick-start some conversations, share information, or simply listen and learn from your peers. We encourage you to jump into conversations taking place within the Lucene/Solr Revolution community before, during and after the event by using any of our different online channels.

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