After a soft launch that garnered much more attention than anticipated, Lucidworks SiLK formally launched this week.  SiLK is an open source stack that combines Lucene/Solr with best in class open source data ingestion and analytics tools such as Flume, LogStash and Kibana. SiLK provides users with a powerful UI to analyze time series data stored in Lucene/Solr. With SiLK, users can create and share visualizations, dashboards and reports which aide in the discovery and analysis of data coming from servers, applications, devices and more.  Everyday our users are finding new ways to leverage SiLK to explore click, geospatial and social data in ways we hadn’t imagined.

The majority of SiLK components has been donated back to the community by Lucidworks and can be found on GitHub under Banana and LogStash Output for Solr. Banana is a port of the popular Kibana project providing an analytics UI and the Solr Output for Logstash aides in the acquisition and field parsing of log data being sent to Solr. If you are looking for a rapid deployment of the stack you can download a bundle from our website which is pre-configured with sample data for a quick introduction to the application.

SiLK Enterprise, coming next month, gives even more power to users by combining the analytics UI with the advanced features of Lucidworks Search. Users can leverage the data collection, administration, security and rules engine provided by Lucidworks Search to curate a powerful data experience for their customers. In addition to the integration with the Lucidworks platform SiLK Enterprise delivers a full set of content for search analytics, Solr performance monitoring and more.  Within a few minutes SiLK Enterprise gives visibility and insight into the health and utilization of your search application like never before. Partners have even jumped in and we are looking forward to offering a broad set of content in the form of connectors and dashboards for various data sources.

At Lucidworks we are committed to making data available and actionable to all of the consumers within an organization. By providing support for best in class search coupled with rich analytics and visualization via SiLK we are in a position to meet customer demand and provide enabling content for helping solve the toughest of data challenges.


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