See this new research note from Ventana Research discussing how Lucidworks Big Data connects with and integrates Mapr. The author, Mark Smith, discusses how Lucidworks Big Data integrates both MapR and key Apache Open Source technologies to produce a developer-friendly Big Data application platform.

The research note examines how search is the UI for Enterprises to access all of their Big Data, but inadequate search capabilities within Big Data have diminished companies abilities to enable data-driven decisions.

Lucidworks Big Data consists of a single, integrated framework that takes advantage of key Apache technologies. The implementation consists of Open Source projects such as HBase for storage and access, Kafka for distributed publish and subscribe, Mahout for scalable machine learning, Pig for Map-Reduce scripting and ZooKeeper for distributed coordination. Traditional integration and implementation of all of these elements typically results in a many-month’s long effort. Lucidworks Big Data’s pre-install integration and certification allows for exceptionally quick implementation of Big Data solutions with greatly reduced testing and qualification and a faster Return-on-Investment.