The newest release of Lucidworks Enterprise, Release 1.8, is now available for download.

lucidworks_enterprise_logo200This point release includes numerous bugfixes and performance improvements. One notable feature addition is the addition of new crawl and security functionality: Lucidworks Enterprise can crawl Windows shares and the Access Control Lists (ACLs) associated with shared files and directories. You can use this ACL information to limit users’ searches to the content they are permitted to access.

This means a couple of things: first, when you crawl files in a MSFT file system, the ActiveDirectory information in the documents you index is accounted for by Lucidworks Enterprise. Now, with a complete integration of Active Directory, LDAP and Sharepoint, you’re pretty much set to go.

lucidworks_enterprise_logo200And that’s the other thing — here’s open source search software from Apache that you can use to crack open repositories that are decidedly not in open source land. Microsoft is without question a mainstay of the enterprise content infrastructure. Thanks to Lucidworks Enterprise, so is Apache Solr.

One side note: the documentation for Release 1.8 is included in the download, but it’ll be a few days till our public online documentation catches up. Apologies for the delay.