Lucidworks is pleased to announce the release of Fusion 2.4. This new release features several key enhancements allowing for the rapid building and deployment of data-driven experiences.

Index Pipeline Simulator

The Index Pipeline Simulator provides a powerful interface for configuring index pipelines and previewing pipeline output with a sample data set before they are applied to the entire data source. This allows for easy debugging of index pipeline output in a sandbox environment.


Time Series Partitioning

To allow for easy management and querying of time-series data, Fusion collections can now be configured by time window. Using a configurable set of Solr collections, each time series collection stores data for that given time window. Time based queries are automatically directed to the appropriate partition.

SAML Support

Fusion now supports version 2.0 of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), allowing businesses to use existing authentication identities for more finely-tuned and flexible access control.

Spark Integration Updates

Our new Spark Jobs API allows for the management and configuration of Spark jobs from Fusion, as well as retrieving cluster information.

Connector Enhancements

The connector now indexes metadata and supports authentication using OAuth 2, via the JWT Auth App Service.

The Jive connector now supports indexing of Jive groups and places.

All of the above along with faster pipeline stage processing and improved diagnostics for investigating deployment issues. Fusion 2.4 ships with Apache Solr 5.5.1 and Apache Spark 1.6.1, and is fully supported for production deployments.

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