A new version of Lucidworks View, our UX framework for search apps, is ready for download!

View is an extensible search interface designed to work with Fusion, allowing for the deployment of an enterprise-ready search front end with minimal effort. View has been designed to use the power of Fusion query pipelines and signals, and provides essential search capabilities including faceted navigation, typeahead suggestions, and landing page redirects.

What’s new:

  • View is optimized to work with Fusion 3, our application development platform for search and big data apps
  • Added support for changing the default query via FUSION_CONFIG.js
  • Added support for date range facets type so users can filter by date range
  • Added support for simple grouped results for easier scanning of search results
  • New loading state for range facets to prevent multiple selections while page is loading

Bug fixed:

  • When redirected through login, inital page query will no longer be cleared
  • Linked URLS with parameters now click through correctly
  • Only show pagination arrows when pagination is possible
  • Fixed typeahead autocomplete user entry race condition

Package updates:

  • Updated ESLint to version 3.3.1.
  • Updated angular-ui-router to version 0.4.2

Deprecated API functions:

  • URLService.setQuery()Instead of using URLService.setQuery() use QueryService.setQuery(). URLService.setQuery() will be removed in View 1.5.0.

Lucidworks View 1.4 is available for immediate download at https://github.com/lucidworks/lucidworks-view/

Read the release notes or documentation, or browse the source on GitHub.