As today’s business landscape changes, more and more companies want control over their search to take on the rapid acceleration in scale and diversity of their data and documents. But legacy commercial search applications can add hidden costs and constraints, and make it difficult to innovate and adapt.

Now, thousands of organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to Apache Lucene and Solr open source search, gaining competitive advantage by building Enterprise Search applications that deliver more speed, versatility, and more relevant results.

Finding the right information at the right time is critical to a winning investment strategy. Multimedia financial-services company The Motley Fool worked with Lucid Imagination to successfully migrate from a closed commercial solution to the versatile power of Apache Lucene and Solr open source search.

Join Motley Fool Director of Search Danny Hsia and Motley Fool Search VP Tech Operation Chad Wolfsheimer, along with Lucid Imagination’s Erik Hatcher, to hear how The Motley Fool took control of their search technology and migrated to Lucene/Solr Open Source Search – and dramatically improved search relevancy, speed, versatility and costs.