Bom dia!


God dag!

Lucidworks Site Search, our embeddable, easy-to-configure, out-of-the-box site search solution that runs anywhere has added three new languages.

Site Search Now Supports 10 Languages

In addition to the six new languages we announced last month, Site Search can now index and provide interface elements in Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedish. This includes all of the embeddable widgets of Site Search – all with language auto-detection and results that will prioritize the user’s language by default.

Instant Actions Let You Resolve Issues Inline

We’ve also added instant actions on the reporting side so you can quickly set up synonyms and and manage promotion right from the report view.

Topics for Segmenting Search Results

Site Search has Topics so you can index multiple sites and data sources and then present a different experience to different audiences. So embedded elements on your main site can surface results from your entire network of sites and then have the search on your support site show only knowledge base articles and tutorials – and then a separate search just for your press site that serves up just press releases and coverage.

Site Search in Five Minutes

Lucidworks Site Search is built for teams who need powerful and fast site search for their public websites and don’t have the time to get mired in a lengthy procurement and development process. Site Search gives you the smart content extraction with industry-leading, field-tested AI and content algorithms to connect your site visitors with what they’re looking for quickly.

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