Late last week, we announced new members to the Lucidworks team.  Longtime Lucidworks partner, New Idea Engineering brings three well respected search-savvy professionals to our engineering and professional services organizations.   Having been in the search industry for many years and working as consultants with several large companies, they have experienced most of the enterprise search products on the market.  Why is this important to you?  Well reading their Enterprise Search blog, they state:

“While we’re committed to success at Lucidworks, we’ll continue to use our blog to discuss all aspects of enterprise search – vendors, tools, technologies, events, and trends.  Unlike our days at past search companies, this one is based on an open platform so we’ll be able to share a lot more as we move forward.”

This is good for anyone who is interested in Enterprise Search.  If you don’t believe me, read what Steve Arnold of Beyond Search has to say about the new combination.