A quick bit of scuttlebutt from the pubs and coffeehouses in the Enterprise Search company town.

It seems that Microsoft is taking another step towards absorbing the technology once known as FAST Search and Transfer. Sadly, rather than absorb the expertise into the company, they’ve apparently furloughed the folks responsible for sales and marketing of the technologies known as FSIS and FSIA (see this link for the explanation of what those search engine product-line variations and technologies included; you’ll need the latest SilverLight plugin). If you’re still on this technology, well, perhaps it might be time to pay an encore visit to the writing on the wall.

A comment on the blog post put it pretty bluntly:

This is sad but not unexpected. MSFT revealed its cards when it declined to continue cross-platform innovation of ESP. Then the company re-affirmed its position by a rather poor launch of FSIS. And now it finally put the last nail into the coffin. SharePoint product line will clearly benefit from the acquisition of Fast Search and Transfer, but those who are seeking for a non-SharePoint solution should look elsewhere.

Still searching with FAST technology? Moved successfully to an alternative, such as Lucene or Solr? Comments welcome.