Last night I had the honor and pleasure of presenting at one of my favorite venues, thanks to its proximity to home and the many friends and colleagues I have in the area.  The crowd was amazing!   100+, standing room only – wow, does NOVAJUG know how to meet.

And we had a special guest speaker after my talk, more on that below.

The standard “who’s using Lucene?  Solr?” polls at the start of the presentation yielded, I’d say, a good 20% or more of the attendees raising their hands, for *both* polls.  Of course it’s know secret that the Lucene/Solr technologies are well liked in the beltway.

Here’s the slide deck I used:
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I tried to cram in as much Solr know-how for the heavily technical crowd in my slides as possible.  I accelerated through the last sections, letting the slides be useful on their own offline, so that we could get to our guest speaker, Ryan McKinley.  Ryan is a Solr committer, geo wiz, and all around generally great guy.  He wasn’t announced in advance, even though we were working on lining him up well ahead, because he’s been so busy pitching his work that he wasn’t sure he could make it until the last minute.  Ryan has developed Voyager, an amazing suite of GIS tools, much of it leveraging Solr directly for faceted search and presentation of maps and layers that can be operated upon through a number of pluggable tools.

Thanks Ryan, and all the novajuggers, for taking the time out of your busy schedules, enduring DC area evening traffic, and missing dinner with your families to come out for the meeting.