As we’ve said on this blog before, Lucene/Solr Revolution exists to support and enrich the open source search community. It’s all of you, fellow community members, who have the agenda for this event, and for the industry.  That agenda is shaped not just by the leaders speaking up on stage, but by you and other attendees, because everyone should have the opportunity to contribute ideas to the greater good.  To facilitate, we have expanded the number and types of sessions at this year’s event. But we’ve also added in more opportunities for structured interaction. New this year, we now offer “Birds of a Feather” luncheon sessions.  At the Birds of a Feather sessions, attendees will be able to meet in smaller groups to discuss their Lucene/Solr ideas and topics of interest.  We hope these open, informal meet ups will serve as the perfect forums to learn from others who share mutual interests.   Read on to learn how to take part, and submit your topic ideas today!

How it Works:

Wednesday’s lunch tables will be marked with topics suggested by the community. Want to join one of these tables? Use your email address, Facebook account, or Google account to verify your “vote.” You’ll then receive an email link to verify your address. Please be sure to click the link in the email sent via UserVoice.

Submit Topic Ideas:

Do you have a topic or idea for an interesting lunch discussion? Create your table idea here!

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