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With the scope and scale of enterprise data constantly accelerating, the search solutions you develop have to scale, and have to be cost-effective. More and more, search application developers are asking for a platform that lowers the cost of growth – without the hidden penalties of legacy commercial solutions that charge by the query, by the document, and by the user. Thousands of organizations around the world have turned to the power of Apache Solr/Lucene open source technology to drive their cutting-edge search applications. For open source search technology to deliver on its potential in the enterprise, developers need accelerated productivity, management, security, and enterprise-grade support.

Now, the Lucene/Solr experts at Lucid Imagination introduce Lucidworks Enterprise, the new search solution development platform. It delivers a complete Apache Solr/Lucene release, with all Solr features and more — and need not be familiar with Solr in order to build search applications with Lucidworks Enterprise. Its power is in the convenience it delivers to application developers to build fast, flexible, scalable search applications — accelerating  productivity, slashing the learning curve, and providing you with the resources you need to build a killer app cost-effectively.

In this hands-on technical workshop, Lucid Imagination VP of Product Management and Chief Architect Brian Pinkerton will present a hands-on, pragmatic approach for you to:

  • Make search accessible to the broad range of application developers and architects, lets you make search a core part of whatever content-and-data intensive applications
  • Build better search applications faster through accelerated, streamlined Solr app development  and integration with search experience innovations, using robust APIs built atop Solr
  • Harness that power to build better search applications faster, without having to give up any of the powerful innovations that made Solr/Lucene the leading search technology

>> Click here view the recorded webcast<<