Document filters often serve as a key first step in driving search-enabled applications. Some use cases are best addressed with open source such as Tika and Solr-CELL; in other cases, the best solution is license this technology from ISYS Search Software, a Lucid Imagination Partner. ISYS is one of only three commercial providers of this technology.

To offer a better understanding of document filters and the commercial and open-source options available, ISYS is hosting a 30-minute webinar in conjunction with experts from Lucid Imagination and New Idea Engineering.  Titled, “The Critical Role of Document Filters in Search-Enabled Applications”, the webinar will offer attendees:

• An overview of document filters
• The role they play in search-enabled applications
• Which formats and support levels are key
• A description of commercial and open source options

Presenting during this 30-minute webinar will be Miles Kehoe, President, New Idea Engineering; Eran Yaniv, Solutions Manager, Lucid Imagination; and Dave Haucke, VP Global Marketing, ISYS Search Software.

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