Our partners at SmartLogic are offering an interesting webcast on Wed, Jan 26 entitled “Mind the Enterprise Search Gap: How NASA is on the Road to Perfect Search”. The program features how the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Chief Knowledge Officer is integrating semantics with the JSC search engine through taxonomy and ontology to improve findability and enhance end user experience to fully exploit 50 years of manned space flight information.

In this free webinar, you’ll hear from their featured guest Sarah Ann Berndt, JSC Taxonomist and Toby Conrad, Smartlogic, and learn how you can:

  • Semantically enable your Enterprise Search (whether it is Google Search Appliance or Lucene/ Solr or anything else) and other ECM systems (SharePoint, Documentum, etc.) using navigational taxonomies, ontologies and automated classification
  • Dramatically improve your search results
  • Deliver compelling search applications that increase content reuse, support learning, and help users to complete tasks and solve problems

Webinar: Smartlogic: Mind the Enterprise Gap: How NASA is on the Road to Perfect Search

Date: Jan 26, 2011

Session 1: 6AM PST/ 9AM EST/ 2PM GMT; http://bit.ly/fyLwqY

Session 2: 10AM PST/ 1PM EST/ 6PM GMT; http://bit.ly/e8cNxr