RedMonk’s Michael Cote has posted an interview on his People-over-process blog with Lucene Revolution speaker Shantanu Deo.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been seeing search-as-middleware cropping up recently. The idea is that search technologies like solr make for good middleware layers, esp. when you have a large pool of unstructured data. Shantanu Deo at AT&T joins me for this episode of make all to discuss one such implementation for’s backend. It’s an interesting discussion of a new way to use search and, also, gives a preview of his upcoming talk at the Lucene Revolution conference next month. Topics include:

  • What does the AT&T CMS do?
  • The evolution of CMS into a more portal, application platform
  • How does solr fit in with everything? Sounds like a service…or is it part of the application stack?
  • What kind of hardware stack does it run on? A lot less than you’d think.
  • Search as Middleware.
  • Search as a back-end for API-driven, composite applications.

You can read the full post and grab the podcast here.