This week, the SolrCluster crew is joined by Lucidworks Chief of Product, Will Hayes, and Sematext Founder & President, Otis Gospodnetić. Working with Solr since its origin in 2006, Otis has a wealth of experience around trends that have come about related to search and big data technologies. Otis and Will discuss tools that Sematext has built to help monitor Solr and other stacks, manage and analyze logs, and analyze search trends, as well as the general direction that industry leaders are moving toward around data acquisition and discovery as data increasingly grows.

Otis Gospodnetić is a co-author of Lucene in Action (1st and 2nd editions).  He has been involved with Lucene since 2000 and Solr since 2006 and is a member of the Lucene Project Management Committee as well as the Apache Software Foundation.  Otis is the founder of Sematext Group, Inc.  Sematext provides consulting and commercial support for Solr and ElasticSearch, and runs SPM, a Monitoring, Alerting and Anomaly Detection service, along with Search Analytics and Log Analytics services. Check out Otis’ presentation from last year’s Lucene/Solr Revolution in Dublin, Solr for Analytics: Metrics Aggregations at Sematext.

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