On this week’s episode of SolrCluster, the team talks about Project Blacklight—an open source, front-end, discovery interface for Apache Solr—and how Blacklight is now a part of Project Hydra, a collaboration to help institutions around the world preserve, maintain and give access to their knowledge repositories and assets. Bess Sadler from the Stanford University Digital Library, a co-founder of Project Blacklight, joins us to discuss her involvement in the project, her vision for its future use and what she’s working on now.

Bess Sadler is the Manager for Application Development in the Digital Library Systems group at Stanford University Library. She is one of the co-founders of Project Blacklight and Project Hydra, two open source software projects which are widely used by libraries and cultural institutions around the world. In addition to her responsibilities at Stanford, Bess is an active member in the larger library community working as a community organizer, workshop instructor, public speaker and general rabble-rouser. If you’re interested in Blacklight and Hydra, Bess also recommends the below resources.

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