Enterprise search is as much about the tools you use as the way users actually search. A new podcast with Brian Pinkerton, VP of Product Development at Lucid Imagination and Pinar Gencturk of Global Enterprise Technology Management covers how open source is changing the face of search technology — and walks through the key benefits of Lucidworks Enterprise, the solution development platform that delivers the power of Apache Solr to business-critical search applications.

Search is becoming a huge part of most enterprises in terms of what I would call a first class service—that means you know search is the product to be delivered but also that it’s a component of many other applications. If you take some of the common applications that people are using in the enterprise today—for example, an application such as Salesforce.com—search is a very important part of that application. It’s also an important part of applications that people build on their own, inside the enterprise. From a first class perspective and from a component perspective it has become basically part of everyone’s everyday life. The users inside the enterprise are all accustomed to searching for information now because it’s how they find out what they need to know. So it has to be an integral part of these applications.

You can hear the full podcast (and/or read the transcript) here.