This week, the SolrCluster team is joined by Rishi Easwaran from the AOL mail team. AOL has been known for their large-scale Solr deployment, with over 150B documents and 1.2B searches per day. Rishi shares AOL’s reasons for choosing Solr for mail search, an overview of their multicore architecture before migrating to SolrCloud, and their new hybrid SolrCloud architecture, its performance, scalability, cost benefits, and lessons learned throughout the process. Listen to the podcast here.

Rishi is a principal software engineer at AOL. He has worked with the AOL mail team since 2008, as the tech lead for the existing mail search infrastructure and re-architecture efforts to implement a multi-tiered high availability, large scale hybrid SolrCloud solution. Over the years, his entire team has focused on performance, availability, and scalability of Solr. In efforts to accomplish this, they’ve delved into the source code and have developed a close working knowledge and experience with Solr.

Rishi gave a more detailed talk about AOL’s Solr deployment at a recent Code Brew Meetup in Dulles. Check out the video and slides here.

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