This week, we have Tim Potter, Senior Engineer at Lucidworks, Solr Committer and co-author of Solr in Action, back on the show. Tim shares with us his experience working with Solr at scale, and what led to the recent development of the Solr Scale Toolkit. The Solr Scale Toolkit is an open source project, sponsored by Lucidworks, which provides tools and guidance for deploying and managing SolrCloud in cloud-based platforms such as Amazon EC2. Listen to the podcast here.

Read Tim’s recent blog post, Introducing the Solr Scale Toolkit.
Download the Solr Scale Toolkit from GitHub here.
See Tim’s slides from his recent presentation, Benchmarking Solr Performance at Scale.

SolrCluster is hosted by Yann Yu and Adam Johnson. Questions? Email us at or on Twitter @Lucidworks #SolrCluster.

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