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Before the year comes to a close, we’ve made a series of back-end improvements to strengthen our platform’s connectivity capabilities, starting with Sharepoint. Admins no longer deal with broken connections to websites, lists, or library widgets in our latest Sharepoint update. Improvements to Fusion’s Sharepoint V2 connector were made to handle large crawls without timing out and save additional SharePoint websites, lists, and libraries when adding to your collections.

Next, we’ve improved Kubernetes deployment. We’ve modified all of Fusion’s components to support Kubernetes 1.21 and run the same as it did with 1.18 for smooth operability. As Kubernetes 1.18’s curtain comes down, we have made sure you still get the Kubernetes support your back-end needs.

In addition to improvements to the platform’s back-end architecture, Fusion 5.4.4 resolves issues oriented around sorting critical facets to appear at the top of the page and publishing/saving new rules in Predictive Merchandiser.

What’s New in Predictive Merchandiser

Deliver faster time-to-value for your customers using Predictive Merchandiser’s new Hierarchical Facet UI view. Click the image below to see it in action!

Predictive Merchandiser’s Hierarchical facets allow faster navigation through facet submenus and breadcrumbs when drilling down on available options. Facet zones are organized by parent and child facets, allowing for more straightforward navigation as a user goes down and up the facet structure. Empower shoppers with self-tuning relevancy by giving them the ability to select from a facet zone that narrows results down to the items they’re looking for – with ease.


Fusion 5.4.4, available now, improves the platform’s connectivity to third-party sources and introduces Predictive Merchandiser’s new Hierarchical Facets to sharpen relevance precision.

Other improvements in Fusion 5.4.4 include:

  • General UI Improvements
  • LDAP Group Authorization
  • Saving and publishing new rules in Predictive Merchandiser

For the full scope of improvements and bug fixes in Fusion’s 5.4.4 release, please see our release page here or contact us with any questions.

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