Databases are unmatched in their ability to store data and provide transactional stability, but too often, application developers assume the database is the place to build search applications. Now, there’s a better way: search with Solr, the Lucene Search server

With the rapid expansion of data types and data scale on the one hand, and demanding user expectations about the search experience on the other, Solr is uniquely equipped to provide a much simpler, streamlined, and more powerful platform for building the applications to deliver your database data to your end users in a familiar, flexible and convenient search.

In this white paper, Programmer’s Guide: Full-Text Search Over RDBMS Data, you’ll get hands-on, step-by-step guidelines:

  • Pragmatic examples that will show a database veteran how tothink a little differently about search with Solr
  • How to get started on a real search application that produces useful search results
  • A comparison of conventional SQL-driven programming with the Solr approach, showing how to provide more powerful results with less programming effort.

Readers should have a basic understanding of database programming. Samples are provided in PHP, but are applicable to any programming language.

Download the source code.

Click here to download the whitepaper