The session, “Spellchecking in Trovit: Implementing a Contextual Multi-language Spellchecker for Classified Ads,” by Xavier Sanchez Loro, Ph.D at Trovit Search, aims to explain the implementation and use case for spellchecking in the Trovit search engine. 

Trovit is a classified ads search engine supporting several different sites, one for each on country and vertical. Their search engine supports multiple indexes in multiple languages, each with several millions of indexed ads. Those indexes are segmented in several different sites depending on the type of ads (homes, cars, rentals, products, jobs and deals). They have developed a multi-language spellchecking system using Solr and Lucene in order to help their users to better find the desired ads and avoid the dreaded 0 results as much as possible. As such, their goal is not pure orthographic correction, but also the suggestion of correct searches for a certain site.

This intermediate level session will take place from 11:05-11:50 on Wednesday, November 6. Click here for more details. 

About the Speaker:

Xavier Sanchez Loro is R&D Data Engineer at Trovit Search SL. He received his PhD in Telematics Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC-BarcelonaTECH), Barcelona, Spain, in 2011. He has spent the last year developing a multi-language spellchecking system at Trovit, meanwhile working on enhancing their relevance algorithms and optimizing indexing processes. 

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