Presented by Rafal Kuć, Consultant Software Engineer at Sematext, the deep-dive session, “Scaling Solr with SolrCloud,” will show you have to configure your Solr cluster to:

  • Handle hundreds of millions of documents without even noticing, and handle queries in milliseconds
  • Use Near Real Time indexing and searching with document versioning
  • Scale your cluster both horizontally and vertically by using shards and replicas

In this session you’ll learn how to make your indexing process blazing fast and make your queries efficient even with large amounts of data in your collections. You’ll also see how to optimize your queries to leverage caches as much as your deployment allows and how to observe your cluster with Solr administration panel, JMX, and third party tools. Finally, learn how to make changes to already deployed collections – split their shards and alter their schema by using Solr API.

This intermediate level session will take place from 10:35-11:50 on Thursday, November 7. Click here for more details.

About the Speaker:
Rafal Kuć
is the author of Apache Solr Cookbook series and ElasticSearch Server books, and co-founder of the blog where he shares his knowledge. Currently working as Search Consultant and Software Engineer at Sematext Group, Inc., Rafal focuses mainly on Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, Hadoop and Mahout.

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