In the past year at Lucidworks we’ve doubled our team, moved into a new (and bigger) HQ office in San Francisco, and begun our expansion into new emerging markets. Today I’m honored to announce Robert Lau as one of our new key hires who will be leading the way as Chief Operating Officer in APAC and Global Emerging Markets.

Lau has over two decades of experience in engineering, marketing, sales, and operations in the software industry, most recently leading APAC operations at Splunk and Elastic. His experience building out successful international operations from scratch makes us confident that he’ll lead the company towards the same success we’ve had in North America, and we’ll be looking to him for guidance as we continue to grow.

“The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing a shift from web 2.0 to 3.0 with the proliferation of 5G networks led by regional operators creating a fresh need for intelligent applications and enterprise solutions,” says Lau. “A majority of consumers are now choosing to shop online for their daily wants and needs, and they expect a highly personalized user experience. Employees are also beginning to expect that high level of ease and personalization when navigating data and information at work. Lucidworks’ Fusion will provide great value to businesses that are capitalizing on this digital market. I’m honored to be a part of the Lucidworks executive team as we continue to share our commitment to innovation with our future partners and customers.”

We see the Asia-Pacific region as incredibly important, with a growing need for digital commerce and digital workplace solutions to help organizations better understand and serve their customers and employees. We’ve established teams in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore. The next step? Building out a robust partner ecosystem to best serve new customers in these markets.

2019 is a big year for the company and we have a lot to do, to learn about, and to grow. Welcome to the team, Robert! Excited to get to work.

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Will Hayes

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