Good search can be challenging. We can help make it easier with the “Search Readiness Checklist: Moving to Solr/Lucene Open Source Search” white paper.

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Lucid Imagination’s customers report that Solr/Lucene technology delivers tremendous benefits in flexibility, result quality, performance—and most importantly, an ability to control their business and technology destiny with search. Preparing yourself with a thorough understanding of these advantages will lead you to apply Solr/Lucene most effectively, and deploy your search application with confidence.

This useful document details key issues to consider in moving to open source search, with a checklist on:

  • Why do you need a search application?
  • What are the key technical characteristics of your search application?
  • What is your search application’s technology environment?
  • How can you ensure the best fit between Solr/Lucene and your ongoing business needs?

Whether you are undertaking a new search application or have a working search application running on a platform you are considering leaving behind, this checklist provides a working foundation to help you make the transition smoothly.

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