Moving to a cloud-native architecture built on microservices and container orchestration with Kubernetes is essential for supporting scalable information retrieval in increasingly digitized organizations. Our search platform, Fusion, has made the architectural switch to support our customers with best-in-class scaling and resilience and we are here to help accelerate their adoption.

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Traditionally, running Kubernetes (K8s) at scale across a large enterprise requires a team of experts. Companies need to manage across several datacenters and public cloud environments, keep up with constantly evolving cloud technologies, open source components, and employee learning curves to keep things up and running at the SLAs required by the business.

A lack of K8s should not be holding companies back from taking advantage of the benefits of running Fusion as a cloud-native application. Scalability, resilience, and ease of day two operations (scaling services individually without service disruption and continuous integration/continuous deployment) are important pillars to support mission-critical applications like information retrieval.

Hit the “Easy Button” for K8s

With Lucidworks Kubernetes Service (LKS), you don’t have to be a K8s expert to run K8s-based Fusion. LKS is a SaaS control plane that manages on-prem infrastructure remotely. It offers fully automated day two operations and 99.9% SLA for the K8s instances running Fusion anywhere – datacenters, edge locations, or public clouds.

Additional LKS highlights and benefits are outlined below:

  • Eliminates Operational Complexity: Industry leading SLAs, access to certified Kubernetes experts including real-time remote monitoring, zero-touch upgrades for K8s and multi-cluster management
  • Addresses Hybrid Cloud Challenges: Cost-efficient operations through a single pane of glass control plane that ensures monitoring and control over multiple infrastructure instances (datacenter or public cloud)
  • Addresses Ever-Changing Open Source Landscape: Let the experts manage the upgrades to K8s with your guidance and achieve zero-disruption to running workloads

If the Fusion 5 capabilities are meeting your business needs and you have a mandate to own your data and infrastructure but lack the operational support or expertise to run cloud-native applications on K8s, please contact us about the Lucidworks Kubernetes Service. For further overview of the service, checkout my session describing it at the Activate conference.

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