The Solr Reference Guide has been updated with the latest information for using Solr with the latest official release (4.1). Details of the release were outlined in our blog post last week (

We’ve incorporated these changes into the Solr Reference Guide, including new information on how to use the new document routing feature (aka “custom hashing”) as well as updates for SolrCloud, MoreLikeThis, the DataImportHandler, the Admin UI, and spatial search options.

To improve the guide generally, we’ve re-worked the section on solrconfig.xml to make it a more comprehensive reference for most of the settings and details and make it a bit easier to use by splitting it across several web pages. We’ve also added a Solr glossary for new users to understand basic Solr terminology. We’ll work to expand the glossary in future updates.

The new Solr Reference Guide is available online ( or as a PDF (