We get asked a lot by customers what’s in a new Solr/Lucene release that applies to them, and with our own Lucidworks Platform available, customers naturally want to know what they’ll get that they don’t already have. If you’re happily running along on Solr 1.4, why or when should you update to a newer version? Should you migrate to Lucidworks?

So we decided to try to put together a matrix of major features and show in which versions they are available. Solr 1.4 is pretty old by now, so it naturally appears not to hold up well against Solr 3.5, Solr Trunk, or Lucidworks. Think of it as the base from which the later features in the list grow.

This was an interesting exercise to work through. It’s easy to read through the changes.txt for each release and try to include everything in a list such as this (and our Support guys are probably disappointed that I didn’t do that), but I tried to keep it to the major innovations or bug fixes so it stays somewhat readable. But there’s always the question of whether it’s too much or too little detail.

I hope it’s useful and we’d like to know what you think. Is it worthwhile? Should we go to deeper detail? Could the features use more explanation? Look it over at Feature Matrix for Solr and Lucidworks and share your suggestions in the comments.