In the few short years since Yonik Seeley stood Apache Solr up on its feet, there’s been an accelerating realization that the Apache Lucene is going farther faster because of Solr — the Lucene Search Server.

Now, it’s official: InfoWorld has put Solr up as one of the Top Ten open source applications, awarding it a BOSSIE award for the Best of Open Source Software

While search engines have transformed the online world as we know it, there is no doubt that companies and research groups can be well served by running their own search engines and creating custom presentations of results. Solr gives them the tools to do this in a fast, scalable implementation that handles rich documents easily, and it can run on any platform that supports Java. It also offers distributed search, replication of results, and developer access via numerous languages and protocols.

Of course, the InfoWorld Bossie Award recognition comes as no surprise to us. Solr has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional search solutions, including organizations’ most mission-critical applications.

The credit for this win belongs to the community of Solr and Lucene committers, developers, and search application programmers who’ve built the momentum for open source search through hard work, demanding give and take over implementations and functionality and code fixes and trunk and release timetables and much more.

But the achievement is not just technical — the marketplace and the business of search is taking notice of the disruptive combination of Solr/Lucene’s powerful functionality and the innovation and dissemination of open source. Check out the podcast of my interview with veteran search guru Steve Arnold — BOSSIE only begins to describe what Solr will do to change the face of search.