One month from today we’ll be kicking off Apache Lucene Eurocon in Barcelona, and I will once again be in the hot seat for a session of Stump The Chump.

During the session, moderator and former “Chump” Grant Ingersoll will present me with tough Lucene/Solr questions submitted by users, to see what kind of solutions I can come up with on the spot. A panel of judges will award prizes for questions that “stump” me the most….

  • 1st Prize: $100 (USD) gift certificate or cash prize
  • 2nd Prize: $50 (USD) gift certificate or cash prize
  • 3rd Prize: $25 (USD) gift certificate or cash prize

So if you’ve got a tough Solr problem — send a description to “” or comment on the Stump The Chump page of the Eurocon website. Even if you’ve already solved the problem yourself: submit it (along with your solution) to see if I can solve it on the spot.

If you can’t make it to Barcelona you can still participate: submit your question (along with a method to contact you) and you can watch me squirm later when we post video of the session on online.

PS: If you are coming to Eurocon, don’t forget to subscribe to the community RSS feed so you can stay informed on all the conference updates.