One of the most common questions we see on the Solr and Lucene user lists translates roughly into “Anyone else doing (or already done) what I’m doing?” We’ve decided to take that question one better. Rather than leave that to an occasional thread about one use case or another, we’re asking you, and the Solr/Lucene community at large, to weigh in on a variety of questions about your use of search technology in our Solr/Lucene Search Community Straw Poll Survey

  • Link to this week’s question:  “As a search application programmer, what environment/languages do you currently use? Which do you prefer? And what do you use for your Solr client?

Each Tuesday for the next several weeks, we will post a survey question for the search community and marketplace about your work with Lucene and Solr. To make it interesting, once every four weeks, we will select one lucky winner from eligible participants to receive an Apple 32 GB Wifi iPad. (More on rules and disclaimers here.) Now, you’re probably thinking, this kind of survey is even less scientific than the proverbial “four out of five dentists”.  That’s exactly right; you’ll get no argument from us. This is a straw poll: our intent is not to do a rigorous assessment  or establish a predictive model: that is difficult to do properly. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary, so its results may or may not be predictive of anything at all. Our purpose is different, and simpler. We’re pulling together community input, so that any and all of you can see, “What do others like me say they’re doing?” At best, this survey will reflect the distribution of sentiment among you, its participants. Each Tuesday, we will post the results of the prior week’s survey on  our blog, along with the question for the week to come, and a few of our thoughts on what those results might mean. And, as always, we invite your comments.